Looking for the Wndsn store? This way, please.

No Sales, No Discounts


"A Guaranteed 0% off on Black Friday?"

In fact, we won't even open the store for Black Friday.

I'm not trying to insult you.

This is a small business, a micro brand in the very sense of the word.

I can't give you 80% off, nor 50% off. Not even 25% off.

If I could, I would have to inflate prices during the rest of the year.

But I don't.

My prices are honest, tightly calculated and pretty stable over time.

And... in the spirit of "Don't buy this jacket", I am not rushing to develop yet another Telemeter version just to have something "fresh" to offer right now.

Sales and discounts are for resellers, not for makers.

Feedback, suggestions, questions?

Write us at: info [at] wndsn [dot] com

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