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Here at Wndsn we have been kicking around for a long time an idea of showcasing gear we like. This idea has picked up considerable steam since the advent of the Wndsn Expedition Team Telegram. Members are frequently sharing their favorite pieces of gear and it has become a valuable resource for crowd sourced information from people who actually use the products on a daily basis. We are not sure what format this feature will take in the future but we are bringing it here first.

Have a beloved item that is crucial to your kit that you think the world needs to know? Submit your review to info@wndsn.com, subject line: Gear we Like, following the format linked here.

Gear we Like: TAD SERE Pouch 1


Reviewed by @mimtwin, UK.

TAD SERE Pouch 1

The Triple Aught Design SERE Pouch 1.


I was lucky enough to be given this useful micro tool roll as a gift three years ago, and I’ve been carrying it regularly since then. The TAD SERE pouch 1 is a foldable pouch rather than a roll. It can hold a variety of small items securely, and allow you to access and deploy these on the move. This pouch has five compartments designed to allow easy access to “survival, evasion, resistance and escape tools”. It’s endlessly versatile in terms what can be carried, and you’ll find the double sized larger central compartment fits a 8.5 x 5.5 cm Wndsn Telemeter perfectly. It’s fun finding out what you can fit in this. At the moment I have SEREPICK tools, a SAK classic, challenge coin, mementos and the Telemeter all safely stowed inside. The elastic strap above the pockets adds extra security. Should you want to outfit this with SERE tools, SEREPICK has at times sold sets specifically for this pouch, and has plenty of items you could select in a pick and mix approach. It also comes with a small removable sheath with a loop of cord, for tiny SERE items.

The velcro comes in handy for displaying a micro patch, and you can make it your own by choosing one you like. It comes with a GITD ranger eye, but in most cases it holds my Wndsn cat-eye retro reflective patch which helps me find the pouch in a ruck pocket. The elasticated straps are sturdy, and have not slackened despite continual use. The quality of the materials and the design makes it a satisfying item to use.

When full the pouch creates a profile in your pocket similar to a wallet, which would be apparent to anyone patting you down, but the elastic is strong enough to reduce the size of the folded pouch to the minimum allowed by the items inside. The pouch could also be attached to MOLLE or PALS using the vertical strap and the ITW G hook, whilst the horizontal strap continues to keep the pack together, so it could be usefully placed on the side of a pack as an easy access compartment. TAD describe the potential for this pouch to be used as “a secure mobile workspace” while still being instantly removable. I can see the potential for that.


This is a really satisfying, high design quality pouch which is really useful for holding your Telemeter, as well as anything else you might need in a pinch.


  • Name: SERE Pouch 1 (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)
  • Manufacturer: Triple Aught Design
  • Manufacturer's Website: https://tripleaughtdesign.com/
  • Price: $35
  • Size: Rolled : 2.75” x 4.00” (6.99 cm x 10.16 cm), Unrolled : 8.00” x 7.25” (20.32 cm x 18.41 cm)
  • Material: 500 Denier Invista™ Cordura®, Nylon Webbing, Velcro®
  • Variants: Black, Grey, Multicam, Coyote

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