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Here at Wndsn we have been kicking around for a long time an idea of showcasing gear we like. This idea has picked up considerable steam since the advent of the Wndsn Expedition Team Telegram. Members are frequently sharing their favorite pieces of gear and it has become a valuable resource for crowd sourced information from people who actually use the products on a daily basis. We are not sure what format this feature will take in the future but we are bringing it here first.

Have a beloved item that is crucial to your kit that you think the world needs to know? Submit your review to info@wndsn.com, subject line: Gear we Like, following the format linked here.

Gear we Like: Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag


Review by: LJ
Country: FR

This article is a compilation of two posts I made on my IG: @0N0S3NDAI.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag.


So I had a crush on this bag at IWA 2023 and my dear friend @romer1an managed to get me one. This is the new @tasmaniantiger_gear TT Survival Pack. This bag is full of awesome features.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 1. At first, as you can see, there are two emplacements for patches and this is awesome. The outside of the bag is divided by four pockets. One is closed by velcro and contains some elastic band for fast access objects. This pocket is also used to stow away the upper handle. The next two pouches are zippered pockets in which I put a pair of gloves in the first one and a lock picking tools set in the second one along with a set of Surefire Sonic Defenders. The last one at the bottom of the bag is used to roll the integrated rain cover as seen below (compare pics 7 and 8). Two black hooks on the front are provided for attaching additional bags or panels.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 2. The back of the bag. You can see the handle on each side which I find very easy to grab in any way possible. See also the main handle on top. The shoulder straps can be also stowed away in a big pouch closed by velcro. And you can find some elastic cover to fix and arrange the extra length of strap. There is a sternum strap which is comfortable to carry.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 3. The inside general view. The bag is pre-divided into six pockets with some blank velcro to add labels.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 4. The upper part with two pockets is on the back of the bag. Behind, there is a separate pouch for a hydration system. The upper pouch is filled with eating tools, electronics, charging system, and a pair of sunglasses. The bigger pouch is filled with two t-shirts, two pairs of socks, two sets of underwear, and two books.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 5. The other part of the bag is divided in four. The two bigger pouches are mounted on velcro. Therefore they can be removed or replaced by something else.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 6. On the top the velcro as we can see is lasercut to be Molle-compatible which is super versatile. The bigger pouch is filled with a first-aid/toiletry bag. The second pouch is filled with head/neck covers: shemagh, balaclava, beanie, face mask. The smaller pouch holds batteries, some elastic webbing to put on the front of the bag (part of the bag as well) as a retention system and some other small items.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 7. The bottom pouch in detail with integrated rain cover. The rain cover is double sided. Here you see the bright side. Not pictured, a tac marker is also integrated.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 8. The rain cover deployed.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 9. Detail shot from outside top with some @whoiscitizene glownut and a carabiner. Another detail shot from the inside where I used the elastic band to install a small lantern.

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 10. Wearing the bag, and as I say with the load it is pretty comfortable. It is stated to be 16 liters in volume, made of 700 den Cordura.

This bag in this specific color called Stone Grey olive meets the highest Bundeswehr standards TL 8305-0278 and TL 8305-0281 with regard to IRR camouflage. Infrared (IR) camouflage is used to conceal objects in infrared vision for confrontation with infrared detection in civilian and military applications.

In Sevilla

The second part of this review will be dedicated to show you an example loadout during a trip to Sevilla. This TT Survival bag is absolutely outstanding regarding its size and capacity of 16 liters.

My specs for Sevilla were the following: Minimum profile bag for plane cabin and 4-day trip. So here it is, and I swear, no cheating:

  • 4 t-shirts
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 4 pairs of panties
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1 shemagh
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 camera with 2 lenses (wide angle and 35 mm) and 2 camera batteries and some for flashlights
  • a book (Bourdain’s biography)
  • airpods
  • @whoiscitizene small pouch with pen and flashlight
  • pouch (top right corner) with a mix of toiletries and power supply, toothbrush, tooth paste, phone charger, etc.)
  • various items here and there in the pouch with zippers (notebook, earplugs, carabiner, glownuts, another flashlight, a plastic bag, etc.)

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Picture 11. I am sure I could have pushed it even further but for a first, well my guts when I saw it at IWA were sharp: This is simply the best bag I ever owned. See it for yourself! All of that fits without a problem to close the bag.


@tasmaniantiger_gear: I already said it multiple times but this bag is a must. You absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one.

I owned a lot of different brand such as Mystery Ranch, TAD Gear, Arcteryx... these are good bags but the TT Survival Bag is above. You can really carry a lot more than it seems thanks to the pre-divided space which is completely configurable.

I bought a second one in black and advised a lot of people about it. I travel frequently with it now, without any inconveniences, this is the best bag, Period.


  • Manufacturer: Tasmanian Tiger
  • Colors: black, tan, olive + IRR, stone grey olive, Multicam
  • Price: 180€ - 220€

The Tasmanian Tiger TT Survival Bag

Disclaimer: this is a personal post and my personal opinion. Despite my true enthusiasm, I did not get paid by anyone for this review. This bag is simply very impressive.

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