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Here at Wndsn we have been kicking around for a long time an idea of showcasing gear we like. This idea has picked up considerable steam since the advent of the Wndsn Expedition Team Telegram. Members are frequently sharing their favorite pieces of gear and it has become a valuable resource for crowd sourced information from people who actually use the products on a daily basis. We are not sure what format this feature will take in the future but we are bringing it here first.

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Gear we Like: Ed’s Manifesto Scapulars


An attempt to catalogue the multiple iterations of a unique item, both a collector's piece, as well as an object with many, and some surprising uses.

The word “scapular” is derived from the Latin scapulae, for "shoulders". Two types of scapulars are referred to by the same word; the monastic garment-style scapular and the devotional small necklace-style scapular. Originally a Christian catholic religious item and reminder of faith, the scapular in Mexico is used by a religious movement around folk saint Santa Muerte.

All the Ed’s Manifesto scapulars

The Ed’s Manifesto scapulars plated.

The Ed’s Manifesto scapular lineup

The Ed’s Manifesto scapulars hanging.


The Catholic Answers Encyclopedia describes the two main forms of the scapular, of interest here is the small one:

IV. General ecclesiastical regulations concerning the small scapulars

The small scapulars consist essentially of two quadrilateral segments of woolen cloth (about two and three-quarter inches long by two inches wide), connected with each other by two strings or bands in such a manner that, when the bands rest on the shoulders, the front segment rests before the breast, while the other hangs down an equal distance at the back. […] The material of these two essential parts of the scapular must be of woven wool; the strings or bands may be of any material, and of any one color.

Ed's Take

Ed Calderon, of Ed’s Manifesto fame, offered a first version of his scapular in 2017:

In Santa Muerte, they take different devotional elements from Catholicism to conceal their faith, by emulating Christian iconography. Hide in plain sight... These are inspired by one I saw down south in the hands of some unsavory individuals that kept razor blades inside their scapulars, they didn’t get scrutinized because people respected its religious significance.

They are constructed out of Kevlar cord that can be used as a friction saw or as a garrote. Magnetic clasp makes for a kick off and on option. The scapular is basically a hidden pocket and the backing can be used as an attachment point for Velcro. Lots of options.

The MP5 carrying Santa Muerte has a lot of hidden meaning that I can go in to after a few tequila shoots. Specifically it symbolizes one very specific lesson I learned long ago. Respect the gods and the saints but don’t depend on them to visit violence on those that seek to harm you or yours.

Different Versions

There have been at least four main versions over the years and a number of variants of versions after the first one.

2017, v1: Original One-Piece Ed’s Manifesto Santa Muerte Scapular

Ed's 2017 v1

Ed’s Manifesto 2017 v1 "Santa Muerte" scapular.

The first version appeared in 2017 and was produced by King Pin Studios. It is made out of a woolen material with a woven Santa Muerte depiction on the front. A magnetic clasp, as described above, secures but also easily breaks away the necklace made out of Kevlar/Technora cord. This is the original and its appearance is closest to the "small scapulars" described above.

Dimensions: 1 1/4" x 2" (32 x 50 mm)

2018, v2: One-Piece Flaka Scapular

Ed's 2018 v2

Ed’s Manifesto 2018 v2 "Flaka" scapular. On the left, a micro pouch to slip inside the main pocket.

The second version is called “Flaka Scapular”, which refers to a moniker used for Santa Muerte; La Flaca; the Skinny Lady. This version appeared in late 2018 with a variant called the “Odin Scapular” being released in early 2019 and was produced by Citizen E Industries. It is made in a different style, larger and with a wide embroidered frame around a very similar woven representation of the icon. In addition, it features two small loops on the right-hand edge to affix a mini glow stick. At least two types of micro pouches have been available to slip into the wool-felt pouch in order to protect the soft material. The magnetic clasp is now made of silver brass; the braided Kevlar cord stayed the same as in version one.

Dimensions: 1 3/4 x 2 3/8" (43 x 59 mm)

2021, v3: Two-Piece Reaper Scapular

Ed's 2021 v3

Ed’s Manifesto 2021 v3 "Reaper" scapular.

The third version, called the Reaper Scapular appeared in 2021, also produced by Citizen E Industries, is not using wool anymore, but a Cordura-like synthetic fabric. The wide embroidered framed edge is kept from the previous version. The magnetic clasp is the same as it was in version two and the Kevlar cord is directly attached to the top of each one of the now two pieces of scapular, going back to the historical two-part setup. This version comes with a window to display the contents behind a transparent sheet of glossy plastic material. One of the two pouches features a Reaper graphic behind the plastic window, attached to the divider inside as well as the chemlight attachment loops that were introduced in the Flaka Scapular. Other than that, both pouches are identical and my samples feature two (I counted) compartments each.

Dimensions: 2" x 2 3/8" (51 x 59 mm)

2023, v4: Two-Piece Non-Magnetic Scapular

Ed's 2023 v4

Ed’s Manifesto 2021 v4 "Reaper" scapular.

The fourth version, appearing in 2023, also produced by Citizen E Industries is made using a laser-cut, more rigid fabric than version three was made of. The Kevlar cord is not directly attached to the top of the two scapulars anymore; instead, it is strung through a loop of the body material, making for a much simpler but more robust (and technically quite elegant) construction. The magnetic clasp has been replaced by a plastic breakaway clip, creating a fully non-ferrous item. The chemlight attachment loops are gone in this iteration, but one can slide a chemlight into the hanging loop. The window to display the contents behind a transparent sheet of plastic material is kept. Both pouches are identical and feature one compartment each, with the Ed’s Manifesto Sneakreaper icon, embroidered in black thread on black synthetic fabric loosely inserted into one of the two pouches. In contrast to the previous versions which had the opening at the top edge, this one features a slit along the top of the back to fill the pouch with items, making it suitable for rather flat, two-dimensional contents. The broad embroidered edge from previous versions has been replaced here with a simple rectangular single-stitch frame. This version was available with optionally matte or glossy plastic windows, as well as both solid black and multicam black fabric options.

Dimensions: 2" x 2 3/8" (51 x 59 mm)


The Ed's Manifesto scapular as a concept is a unique and very interesting item and a conversation piece in addition to a symbol of belonging to a specific group of people; not necessarily of religious bond. A habit-forming element from consistently carrying a specific object over time needs to be investigated separately, but it is certainly one of the rather unexpected results of the propagation of this item for those who possess one. From a design perspective, the scapular is a revealing journey starting from the traditional wool-felt and embroidery all the way to laser-cut high tech fabrics in multicam black.

Fred Perrin bracelet and ring, Ed's Manifesto scapular v1, and Wndsn Recon Dog Tag

Original first version Ed's Manifesto scapular, Fred Perrin bracelet and ring, and Wndsn Recon Dog Tag.

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