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Product Spotlight: New Aluminum Telemeter for any Wallet


Our first Telemeter in 2016 was printed on plastic card stock, like a credit card. Ever since, some users missed the ease of simply slipping their Telemeter into their wallets.

A Telemeter for every wallet

A Telemeter for every wallet.

Our latest Telemeter is made out of aluminum and is once again as thick as a credit card, ~1 mm (3/64") to be specific. Similar to the technique that is proven in thousands of our Dog Tag Telemeters, we use anodized aluminum and laser-engrave the scales by burning through the anodizing layer, revealing the naked metal, which, in our first batch of aluminum Telemeters has a golden tint to it, reminiscent of our old CNC-engraved brass instruments.

Acrylic vs. aluminum Telemeter

Acrylic vs. aluminum Telemeter.

As opposed to our acrylic instruments, which are extremely robust and almost indestructible in day-to-day field use, the aluminum as well as its anodizing will scratch and patina over time. We are looking forward to the first pictures of patina and hand-repainted or modified scales. Bring nail polish!

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