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Product Spotlight: Full Custom Latitude Quadrant


Today, we want to share some of our latest custom work, a fully customized Latitude Quadrant to determine equal hours (that is, time as we know it) and so much more.

Full Custom Wndsn Latitude Quadrant

Full Custom Wndsn Latitude Quadrant.

Blanishki’s Custom Latitude Quadrant

On the front side, this particular custom model features a horary dial to compute equal and unequal hours, it features a calendarium to calculate sun altitude and direction, as well as daylight hours for any day of the year, it features a set of special lines to determine the azimuth of any celestial object or to conversely determine the cardinal direction based on celestial objects. The dot grid in the background is used to perform graphical calculations, another ancient tool called a Sine Quadrant. Standard scales on the Quadrant are sine, cosine, and tangent as well as a slope scale and an inclinometer.

Blanishki’s Custom Latitude Quadrant

Blanishki’s Custom Latitude Quadrant.

The back side features our Telemeter, providing a way to quite accurately determine distances based on angular size. All measurements and calculations are done by way of a supplied string, which is used both as a plumbline and as an index line to connect inputs and read resulting values on the various scales. The manual for the Quadrant and Telemeter is in its 5th edition currently, 1000+ years of knowledge on almost 550 pages and is available in German and English.

Wndsn Superuser Blanishki has been in a period of deep research, furthering his understanding, and with it, our collective understanding, of the Latitude Quadrant. Take a look at his tutorial for finding latitude with a Quadrant.

Using his custom Latitude Quadrant, he is always exploring, refining bit by bit. A mark here, a dot there, the Quadrant slowly reveals its beauty. The pencil marks are now becoming encoded into his upcoming Quadrant that is currently in production. Changes were further enhanced by Superuser Andrej’s tutorial on Azimuth lines. We are pleased to support Blanishki in his research and thank him for the important contributions he’s making to persevering and furthering this ancient science.

If you’re interested in joining the deep exploration, you can have your own, personal Custom Latitude Quadrant made according to your specifications.

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