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Product Spotlight: Telemeter Recon Dog Tag vs Regular Telemeter


The Telemeter Recon Dog Tag is a companion piece for quick angular measurements with an angular scale and a multiplier scale.

The Quadrant Telemeter provides an angular scale and in addition a nomogram to calculate the distance on the device itself. The backside of the Telemeter features a quadrant for further altitude and slope/inclination measurements as well as trigonometry calculations.

Telemeter Recon Dog Tag vs Regular Telemeter

Telemeter Recon Dog Tag using the multiplier scale on the left vs regular Telemeter using angular scale on the right.

Feature Recon Dog Tag Reg. Telemeter
distance to eye 25 cm 57.3 cm
sighting scale yes yes
angular precision 0.2° 0.1°
multiplier scale yes no
calculations on instrument no yes

In summary

  • The full sized Quadrant Telemeter is used to first measure and second calculate distances directly on the device.
  • The Telemeter Recon Dog Tag is just measuring with a simplified scale and lower resolution.

Use the Telemeter Recon Dog Tag for fast sightings and the Quadrant Telemeter for high precision, high accuracy measurements.

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